Useful IntelliJ plugins for java developers 3 (GsonFormat)

1. Introduction

Today, I would show you the useful IntelliJ IDEA plugin for java developers : the GsonFormat plugin.

2.1 The GsonFormat plugin introduction


2.2 How to install this plugin

  • Install the plugin online:
    • Preferences > Plugins > Browse repositories… > Search for “GsonFormat”
  • Install Plugin Manually:
    • Download the latest release and install it manually using Preferences > Plugins > Install plugin from disk…
  • Restart IDE.

2.3 How to use this plugin

Use this plugin by these steps:

  • prepare a JSON format string
  • paste the string to this plugin
  • it would generate an inner class for you the_gsonformat2_project

2.4 Usage examples

  • Create a new class and press ctrl+N(windows)/command+N(Linux/Mac) the_gsonformat3

  • Copy a JSON example string from here to the window the_gsonformat4

  • Click ok to generate the inner class! the_gsonformat5

3. Summary

The GsonFormat plugin helps you to generate an inner class for the JSON string, it can improve your efficiency.

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